We know. You spend your evenings, weekends, holidays and breaks searching for content and creating engaging, relevent, aligned and paced lessons. We did, too.




Your planning is done. Sourcing, planning, differentiation, and pacing are done. Presentations, study, and practice pages are done. Assessments are done.  Immediately access your complete lessons. Enjoy your evenings and weekends!

Everything is done for only $39 per month!

Hi. I’m Ryan. This was my desk.

It was Friday night and I had finally left around 10:30 or 11 pm.
I was trying to get everything done so I could enjoy my weekend and spend time with my family, but I just got too tired.

I decided to come back in the following Saturday morning to finish.
“Sorry, kids, we have to work. Yes, even on the weekends.”​ (wife is a teacher, too)

– Study the needs of the students

– Find interesting content

– Choose engaging stories

– Pace the lesson

– Differentiate

– Align the standards…

Truthfully, when including many requirements, it can take an hour of planning for each quality, engaging, rigorous and relevant lesson.


...in addition to engaging with a variety of students for several hours a day, we know how you spend a lot of your personal "free" time...

"Free Time"

​Early mornings to campus.
Late evenings in the classroom.
Late nights at home.

"Free Time"

Last-minute copy line waiting.
Scouring the internet.
Running to colleagues.
Coaching sports.
Advising clubs.
Going to school.

"Free Time"

And...ugh... if you have to plan for a sub...

"Life of a teacher." I was told...
But does it have to be?


We are teachers. We are you.
We have been there.
We're not there anymore...

You don't have to be either.

Most online resources provide a worksheet or a presentation and you still have to create a plan around it.

VARSITY EDUCATION provides complete lessons, starting with complete plans and includes, presentations, study materials, practice activities, movement activities and assessments for


created with free and easy to use Google Applications.

  • Clear objectives.
  • Everything is aligned.
  • Everything is customizable.

We include embedded reminders for comprehension quick checks throughout the lessons and easily-graded assessments at the end of each lesson!


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Full year of lessons, complete with...

Detailed Lesson Plans

​​Lately, administration has been requiring detailed lesson plans. Ours include pacing, materials lists, technology use, higher-order thinking questions, standards-alignment, movement activities, guiding questions, real world connections, content synthesis, various types of assessments…


​Guide the class or assign students to guide the class with complete presentations that include guiding questions, videos, images, text and questions.

Text Study

Full text to introduce, explain, inquire and revisit important points throughout the lessons that include detailed images to help students visualize concepts and make connections.

Practice Inquiries

​Scaffolded, open-ended questions that support higher-order thinking development in your learners within the lesson with opportunities for you to make corrections before they complete a graded assignment based on content knowledge


How well did your students retain the knowledge or skills that were studied? Assessments come as quickly-gradable multiple choice and open ended inquiries – you choose which to use.

Digital Version

If your learners have access to computers, tablets or the use of smart phones, you can assign the digital (aka online) version of the lesson that includes all of the same content as the regular lessons. Easy to assign for days with subs or kids out sick through any LMS.

Curated Videos

​We have spent the hours it can take to find appropriate videos for each lesson. 

Organized Resources

​Get a little more of what you need quickly by accessing teaching and learning resources for your subject content.

Base, Level and Higher-Order Inquiries

​Engage and foster participation from all students in your class by using scaffolding questions.

Practice before Assessment

Class is the time to make mistakes. Practice inquiries and activities allow students to develop their knowledge in your class with your guidance to correct their comprehension and skills.

Engaging Images

Provoke emotion, consideration, empathy and inquiry with a wide variety of images that engages students.

Current Events

​Where applicable, we use current events to engage the students, careful to keep focus in the lesson content.


​Warm-ups. Do-now. Whatever you call them, as soon as the kids enter your room, they have something to engage their thinking in your subject based on their previous learning in your class.


Calendars & Pacing Guides

Realistic & flexible guides to take you through the year with built in flex days for testing and the occasional fire drill.

By teachers, for teachers!

Have qualified, experienced teachers in your corner to prepare all of your lesson materials for you...

With over 30 combined years and 8 degrees in education, we have the necessary skills to help you and your students be successful with a variety of learning opportunities. Varsity Education is designed and maintained by currently active public school educators that keep up with the current trends in education and combine the newest activities with the tried and true methods that have worked for over half a century in both rural and urban settings.

Lesson planning can be very specific and very important for the academic and social growth of your learners. This site was specifically designed to assist classroom teachers to have one location where you can access all of the organization framework and materials that you need to introduce, teach and assess learners using a combination of our proprietary PISPA model, Gradual Release of Responsibility and (revised) Blooms Taxonomy.

​In addition to the lesson materials, Varsity Education also offers a social platform for you to communicate with other teachers from around the globe and offer and receive assistance on various areas of the professional practice of education.

We Listen to YOU - the Educational Professional

Do you have a suggestion? Has something worked for you in the past that you’d like to see incorporated? Did something completely flop? We are NOT the big multi-million dollar publishing company that believes we know what is best. We didn’t spend millions on textbooks that can’t be changed until the next edition. We’re not involved in state politics. We are everyday classroom teachers. Talk to us as professional colleagues. We’re listening. 


As a teacher, we know you have...

Continuing Education


Staff & Department Meetings

Student paperwork, grading, parent phone calls, emails

Professional Development

…other obligations🤨

Reviewed and used by educational professionals ​in the following school districts

Everything is done for only $39 per month!

It’s time. Go home after the bell.

For the cost of less than one to two hours of work per month, you can have over 160 hours of student engagement per month ready to go. Just display, print, teach & grade. 

Spend more time in the classroom developing relationships with your kids and connecting them to your content and more of YOUR time on yourself, your family and your friends.

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